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US nonfarm payroll numbers which were due on Friday morning cast a shadow over markets this week. Against that backdrop we looked at major US equity indices and the Tidal Strategy which is still in cash. A few client queries about the FBD Strategy were also discussed.
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The impact of Powell’s speech on the markets was discussed first. This was followed by a step-by-step guide on how to source, store and import data for the Help, Pessimism and Composite indicators. Finally, we looked at some Weekly Trend Following and Daily Swing trades.
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Weekly trend following trades which were closed out in June were reviewed, before we had an in-depth analysis of a daily swing trade in Bioventus Inc. (NASDAQ:BVS). Entry criteria, risk management and price targets were discussed in detail - then we looked at some stock picks.
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Equity markets have reached an inflection point, so we reviewed the economic backdrop first. Open weekly trend following positions in AWK, PFE and VWSB were examined, then the Daily Help Strategy trade which is up 10.5%. Before finishing, we saw GME and ARKK.
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With housekeeping issues out of the way, we began with a global macro overview. Next, we looked at the April exit trigger on the Tidal Strategy, followed by the Yearly Help Weekly Sum indicator. Queries on the Wilde Strategy were next and we briefly looked at Bitcoin futures (BTC).
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This month’s session began with US bonds and an inverted yield curve. The Q1 performance of big-name hedge funds was reviewed, as were Q1 triggers in the Help Strategy. Swing trading was next with the FBD Strategy and VIX. Queries from clients were answered.
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First off, we looked at the impact the war in Ukraine is having on financial markets, before discussing Chinese equities. Then we examined the Tidal Strategy, followed by a review of recent entries on the Help Strategy and finally a long-term trade in Pfizer (NYSE:PFE).
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We began with a review of the macro-economic backdrop followed by a look at the Tidal strategy. The three types of trailing stops were explained, and the latest Help trigger was discussed. This year’s theme of constructing an investment portfolio in stocks and ETFs was introduced.
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Having briefly reviewed 2021, we looked at the types of trailing stops which should be used to stay in a trend as long as possible while getting out when the time is right. We also explored entry signals for Spirit Airlines (NYSE:SAVE) and SeaBridge Gold (NYSE:SA).
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