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Once the usual macro overview was out of the way, we looked at the 52-Week Strategy, the Help Strategy and the FBD Strategy. We then saw Carnival Cruise (CCL), Occidental Petroleum Corporation (OXY), Companhia de Saneamento Basico (SBS) and Silvergate Capital (SI).
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Following a look at interest rates and earnings, we reviewed the Adani Group’s troubles and the Indian stock market. US equities where next, before we examined positions and setups on five trading strategies. Finally, a number of Client’s queries were addressed.
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In the first webinar of the year we looked back at 2022 and how the Weekly Trend Following account performed. We then considered what 2023 may have in store for equity traders and investors before we reviewed a few client's stock picks and trading queries sent it.
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The session began with a macroeconomic overview which included December’s FOMC meeting and Q4 earnings. We then mapped out a scenario of what the bottom in US equities might look like before we reviewed strategies and answered queries from Clients.
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The new 52-Week Strategy was launched in this month's webinar, but we reviewed the exit on the Help Strategy for about 7 mins first. This video covers that exit and the rest of the session has been edited as a standalone video and moved to the Online Trading and Investing Course.
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US nonfarm payroll numbers which were due on Friday morning cast a shadow over markets this week. Against that backdrop we looked at major US equity indices and the Tidal Strategy which is still in cash. A few client queries about the FBD Strategy were also discussed.
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The impact of Powell’s speech on the markets was discussed first. This was followed by a step-by-step guide on how to source, store and import data for the Help, Pessimism and Composite indicators. Finally, we looked at some Weekly Trend Following and Daily Swing trades.
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Weekly trend following trades which were closed out in June were reviewed, before we had an in-depth analysis of a daily swing trade in Bioventus Inc. (NASDAQ:BVS). Entry criteria, risk management and price targets were discussed in detail - then we looked at some stock picks.
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Equity markets have reached an inflection point, so we reviewed the economic backdrop first. Open weekly trend following positions in AWK, PFE and VWSB were examined, then the Daily Help Strategy trade which is up 10.5%. Before finishing, we saw GME and ARKK.
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