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Tech issues with TradeStation were discussed before we reviewed the macro situation, and then got into our strategies. Weekly Trend Following and swing trades in Key Corp, Pfizer, Adidas, Artisan, Delta Airlines and HSBC Bank examined.
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While waiting for everyone to login we updated NHNL data for the Help Strategy, then we had a macro overview followed by a look at the Composite Help indicator. A half-year review of strategies and client queries rounded out the session.
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A quick look at realized volatility on the USD/JPY currency pair was followed by a deeper dive into the Composite Indicator and what it can tell us about the S&P500 right now. Then we looked at Weekly Trend Following positions and reviewed a few stocks.
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Central banks were first on the agenda, followed by Gold and Oil. Then we looked at Dominion Energy, Boeing and GE. The Help and 52-Week strategies were reviewed and a query on how to exit a position on Intel was answered.
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With a busy session ahead, we dispensed with the usual macro overview and got straight into the performance of recent Trade Ideas, which included Edgewise Therapeutics, Allegion, First Foundation, Grindr, Community Trust, SSO and Dominion.
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We began with an overview of how global markets performed in 2023, followed by a catchup on our preferred trading strategies. Then we reviewed a Client’s open positions in Intel (NASDAQ: INTC), Dominion (NYSE:D), Citigroup (NYS:C) and Disney (NYSE:DIS).
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After some housekeeping, we announced upcoming improvements to Murphy Trading. 2023 in the markets was reviewed, strategies were updated, and then we started building a watchlist of stocks as we looked forward to profitable opportunities in 2024.
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While waiting for 1:30 PM ET and attendees to login, we demonstrated how to update data for the HELP Strategy. Then we looked at the holiday season for US equity markets, reviewed the 52-Week Strategy and FBD Strategies, and answered queries sent in.
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Possible changes to the webinar format and the introduction of ‘Trade Ideas’ in 2024 were discussed before we looked at trades in Watts Water (WTS), Broadstone (BNL), Salesforce (CRM), State Street (STT), Coopers (COO) and finally Corvel (CRVL).
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