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We began with an overview of how global markets performed in 2023, followed by a catchup on our preferred trading strategies. Then we reviewed a Client’s open positions in Intel (NASDAQ: INTC), Dominion (NYSE:D), Citigroup (NYS:C) and Disney (NYSE:DIS).
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After some housekeeping, we announced upcoming improvements to Murphy Trading. 2023 in the markets was reviewed, strategies were updated, and then we started building a watchlist of stocks as we looked forward to profitable opportunities in 2024.
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While waiting for 1:30 PM ET and attendees to login, we demonstrated how to update data for the HELP Strategy. Then we looked at the holiday season for US equity markets, reviewed the 52-Week Strategy and FBD Strategies, and answered queries sent in.
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Possible changes to the webinar format and the introduction of ‘Trade Ideas’ in 2024 were discussed before we looked at trades in Watts Water (WTS), Broadstone (BNL), Salesforce (CRM), State Street (STT), Coopers (COO) and finally Corvel (CRVL).
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The macro-overview was brief this month as we were keen to get into the charts. A potential ‘first lower high’ on the S&P500 was examined, open positions in strategies were checked, a stock screening tool was reviewed and finally some interesting queries were addressed.
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After the August break we returned to the charts and began with a quick macro summary which focused on China and Apple (AAPL). Open positions in our favorite strategies were then reviewed before we rounded off this month’s extended webinar with a look at client’s queries.
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We jumped straight into the markets and identified the levels which will confirm if the bull run in stocks is losing steam. Progress on Carnival Cruise (CCL) was reviewed as was a swing trade in Trupanion (TRUP), then we looked at a simple index tracking investment strategy.
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For the June Client Webinar, we didn’t dwell on macro events and got straight into Client's queries. Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA) was first up, followed by (NYSE:AI) and Carnival Cruise (NYSE:CCL). Novo Nordisk (NYSE:NVO) of weight loss fame got a look too.
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This month’s webinar began with a brief discussion about the recent interest rate increases by the Fed and ECB before we looked at oil and gold. The Tidal, 52-Week and Help strategies were examined and then we moved on to review stock queries sent in during the week.
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