Frequently Asked Questions Updated: 09 Jul 2024

Client Subscription

  • What is included in the subscription?
    A client subscription provides access to:

    • Regular trade ideas
    • A video based online trading and investing course
    • Profitable trading strategies
    • Live monthly webinars (online meetings)
    • Recorded webinars
    • Trading notes (at least 3 days a week) with market analysis and insights
    • A pre-trading checklist
    • Risk management formulas for equites and futures
    • Unlimited email support (response in 24hrs)
    • Promo coupon for 10% discount on store products
    • Full-size high-res color charts and documents from Way of the Trader

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  • What happens when I purchase a subscription?
    A welcome email and receipt will be sent to the email address provided. To access the client area of the website, login by clicking the icon on the top right of the menu bar. Once logged in, you can view and edit your details at any time by clicking on your name as shown with the red arrow below.
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  • How much is a subscription and how long does it last ?
    A monthly client subscription costs $99 per month and an annual subscription costs $990 per year. The subscription will roll over on expiry until it is cancelled. The 'Next Payment Date' for a subscription can be seen on your Profile Page.
  • How do I cancel my subscription?
    A client subscription can be cancelled at any time using the 'Cancel Subscription' link on your Profile Page as shown with the red arrow below. You will continue to have access to locked down areas of the website until the subscription expires on the 'Next Payment Date'.
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  • Can I access information on my previous subscription payments?
    You will receive a receipt for every subscription payment made and you can view the most recent transaction by clicking the accounts icon as shown with the red arrow below.
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  • What if my credit or debit card expires before the subscription renewal date?
    You will receive an email notification if the card used for previous payments is due to expire before the subscription renewal date. You can update the card by clicking on the 'Update Card' link on your profile page as shown with the red arrow below.
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  • Can I pause my subscription for a few months?
    Sorry, there is currently no option to pause or park an active subscription.
  • How do I get my Promo Coupon Code for a 10% discount on purchases?
    When logged into the website, your coupon code will be displayed on your Profile Page as shown with the red arrow in the first screenshot below. When making a purchase click on the ‘Redeem you code’ link (as shown in the second screenshot) and enter the code, then press ‘Apply’. The 10% will automatically be deducted when you go to pay. Please email me if you experience any problems at checkout.
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  • Why are your prices in US dollars?
    We are based in Ireland but customers from a wide range of countries avail of our products and services, so the US dollar is the natural choice for pricing. For customers based outside the US this may involve a small additional forex charge appearing on their payment card with each transaction. We have spoken with our payment processor (Stripe), and unfortunately there is currently no option to allow customers to choose their local currency when making a payment in the Store or taking out a Client Subscription. We will keep the situation under review.
  • Will I receive an email notification before my subscription renewal?
    We do not issue a reminder email before a subscription renewal. The 'Next Payment Date' for a subscription can be seen on your Profile Page.

Online Trading and Investing Course

  • What's included in the course?
    On completion of the online trading and investing course, you will be able to scan and sort stocks, assess and manage trading risk and identify your preferred style. You will also be able to use proven strategies, fully prepare for the trading day, understand what technical indicators tell us (and do not), program orders and manage your funds. In short, you will be able to face the market with clarity and confidence. In order to derive maximum benefit from the online trading and investing course, it is suggested you also read Way of the Trader because the course will frequently refer to points raised in the book. Please refer to the Education page for a preview of the course modules and videos.
  • Do I need Level II market data to follow the course?
    No, real time Level I data will be sufficient.
  • Will I need specialist software or high-speed broadband?
    Any trading account with charting capabilities will be enough to follow the course. However, the ability to import and chart 3rd party data will be required to trade Help Strategies. The online trading and investing course videos can be viewed on any device and quality can be adjusted to suit your broadband speed. The videos are hosted on a dedicated platform so numerous clients can view the same video simultaneously without experiencing lag or other streaming issues.
  • Why can't I play the videos in the trading and investing course preview?
    A client subscription is required to access the online trading and investing course videos. Some videos can also be seen on our YouTube channel.
  • When can I start the course and when does it end?
    The course consists of a series of videos and downloadable documents. You can start when you want and view the videos at your own pace. Existing videos are constantly reviewed and new material is added regularly.
  • For how long can I access the course material?
    You can access the online trading and investing course material for as long as your client subscription is active.

Swing Strategies for TradeStation® 10

  • What is included in the 'FBD & Diesel Swing Strategy Packs for TradeStation® 10'?
    There are eight files in this download for my two favorite swing trading strategies:

    Instructions on how to install the required workspaces on TradeStation®:
    • (READ ME FIRST) How to Install Workspaces

    The technical indicators required to find signals and trade the strategies:
    • $MT Indicators for Swing Strategies

    Information on how the Diesel Strategy works, how to adjust the indicator settings and the workspace for TradeStation®:
    • MT Diesel Strategy Info Sheet
    • MT Diesel Strategy Workspace
    • MT Diesel Strategy Settings

    Information on how the FBD Strategy works, how to adjust the indicator settings and the workspace for TradeStation®:
    • MT FBD Strategy Info Sheet
    • MT FBD Strategy Workspace
    • MT FBD Strategy Settings

    A 40 minute Zoom meeting is included with this package to help install the workspaces and set up the strategies. Please use the booking form in the Store to arrange the Zoom meeting.
  • Do your Swing Strategies for TradeStation® work on platforms 9 and 10?
    The strategies can be traded on any platform, but the screening tools for TradeStation RadarScreen and workspaces only work on TradeStation® platform 10.

Help and Composite (US) Historical Data

  • What is included in the Help and Composite (US) Historical Data?
    There are four files:

    • 1x .csv File (Monthly Help)
    • 1x .csv File (Monthly Pessimism)
    • 1x PDF Document (Help-Up Strategy Information Sheet)
    • 1x .csv File (Composite Help)

    Monthly Help is the number of US stocks making new 20-day highs less new 20-day lows, expressed as a percentage of all stocks on an End-of-Day basis.

    Monthly Pessimism is the number of new 20-day lows as a percentage of all stocks.

    The Help-Up Strategy Information Sheet explains how the strategy works.

    Composite Help is an average of the number of US stocks making new monthly, quarterly and yearly highs less new lows, expressed as a percentage of all stocks on an End-of-Day basis.

    The data files were current when uploaded, please email me for up to date figures.

Indicator Pack for TradeStation®

  • What is included in the pack?
    The indicators shown below are in the current Indicator Pack for TradeStation® (20200630) released on 30 June 2020.
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  • Which trading platforms can your indicators be used on?
    Our proprietary technical indicators are designed for use on the TradeStation® Securities (US) platform and work best on Platform 10.
  • What is your connection with TradeStation®?
    I am an authorized 'referrer' to TradeStation. We are independent entities and are not affiliated in any way. I am not an employee of TradeStation or Interactive Brokers and any interaction between you and TradeStation and/or Interactive Brokers is entirely between you and them. I may receive remuneration from TradeStation for referrals on a funded account depending on the jurisdiction in which the account holder is located. TradeStation Securities, Inc. is a member of NYSE, FINRA, CME and SIPC. Finra supervision on TradeStation can be found here under the name 'TradeStation'. TradeStation International Ltd is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom and has passport rights in the EEA (registration number 554431). TradeStation International Ltd acts as an introducing broker to TradeStation Group's affiliates and non-affiliates, such as Interactive Brokers (U.K) Limited.

Way of the Trader Book

  • Can I get a signed copy of your book?
    Yes of course. Signed copies are available in the Store and will be shipped from our office in Limerick, Ireland. All reasonable efforts will be made to ensure orders placed before 15:00GMT are shipped the same day.
  • Is Way of the Trader available as an eBook?
    Every owner of a physical copy of Way of the Trader can download the eBook for free direct from Harriman House publishers, in a DRM-free format that can be read on any eReader, tablet or smartphone.
  • Where can I see the color charts from the book?
    Color versions of the charts, spreadsheets and backtested results in Way of the Trader are available as part of a client subscription. They are also included in the eBook version, which every purchaser of a physical copy of the book can download for free.

General Client Queries

  • How secure is this website?
    We implement a variety of security measures to maintain the safety of your personal information. For example, this site has a True BusinessID Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate issued by GeoTrust. Therefore, all data passed between your browser and our server remains private and integral.
  • What trading styles and strategies do you use?
    Trend following on daily and weekly charts are my favorite and most profitable trading styles. I also swing trade on daily charts and day trade when the conditions are right.
  • Do I have to use the TradeStation® platform to follow your course and strategies?
    Not really! Most of the course content applies to all trading and investing methods on any platform. Our daily swing trading strategies use triggers generated on the TradeStation platform, but our long-term trend following strategies can be applied to any platform.
  • Do you manage funds for others?
    We do not manage funds for others, we provide educational resources and trading tools for active individual traders.
  • Are you an authorised investment advisor?
    Ian Murphy is not authorized to provide financial or investment advice. Explicitly, the opinions and views expressed should not be understood as an encouragement to purchase or sell any particular security or financial instrument. Content is provided for information and education only and is not a recommendation to trade. Trading is not suitable for everyone and involves the risk of losing money. Please read the Trading Disclaimer.
  • What financial instruments do you trade?
    Liquidity and transparency are essential for traders, so I trade and invest in blue chip equities, liquid ETF's and futures. That's not to say other instruments can't be profitably traded, of course they can, but equities and futures suit my trading style and risk profile.
  • What markets do you trade?
    In recent years, I’ve mostly traded US and European equities, plus US futures due to the liquidity, regulation, transparency and free availability of information. The relative strength of the dollar and euro are other important factors.
  • How do you process payments?
    All payments in the store are processed externally by Stripe, one of the largest on-line payment platforms in the world. As a result, we do not have access to client's debit or credit card details because the information never touches our servers.
  • How do you manage my personal information?
    Clients can view their personal information on their profile page and request a copy of their Client Activity Log which contains the time, date, type of activity and IP address for every visit they made to this site. Clients can cancel their subscription at any time and also request to have all information associated with their account deleted. We do not share client information with 3rd parties. This does not include trusted 3rd parties who assist in operating this site, conducting our business, or servicing clients, so long as those parties agree to keep this information confidential. For more information please see the Privacy Policy & Cookies page.
  • How safe is my password?
    Client's passwords are masked through a process called 'hashing'. This replaces the actual password entered with a random set of numbers and letters that are stored on our server. This allows our systems to validate your account credentials when you login without revealing your password. This is a recognized industry security standard. Of course, this also means we do not have access to passwords. If a client forgets their password they will have to follow the forgotten password process as explained below.
  • What if I forget my password?
    If a client forgets their password and clicks the 'Forgotten?' link on the login form, a new randomly generated password will be sent to their registered email address. They must click on the button in the email to activate the new password. This password can then be changed on their Profile page.
  • How do I arrange a one-to-one coaching session?
    Please go to the Store and use the link to pay for the session, then drop me an email and we can arrange a time which suits us both, then I will send a Zoom meeting link.

Content is provided for information and education only and is not a recommendation to trade. Trading is not suitable for everyone and involves the risk of losing money. Past performance is not a reliable guide to future returns.

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