Frequently Asked Questions Updated: 18 Apr 2019


  • Can I make money trading stocks?
    This is the most important question for new traders, so it's first on the list. The answer is yes, but making money on a consistent basis is not an easy task. Over time, traders lose money for four reasons; poor risk management, lack of trading education, emotional trading and unprofitable strategies. Before placing a penny in the market, you need to learn the procedures and habits of professional traders and that is where the Way of the Trader Education Program comes in.
  • What trading styles do you use?
    Trend following on daily and weekly charts are my favorite and most profitable trading styles. I also swing trade on daily charts and day trade when the conditions are right.
  • Do you supply trading tips or stock recommendations?
    As it says in Way of the Trader, "Trying to trade someone else’s ideas is like trying to comb our hair while looking at their reflection. Ultimately, we are our own opponent when we trade, so mimicking the actions of others is pointless." For this reason, I don't supply trade ideas or recommendations. Having said that, I will occasionally review stocks if asked and share my opinion on the set-up.
  • Do you manage funds for others?
    I provide educational resources and trading tools for people looking to make extra income from trading or take more control of their finances. One of the Four Legs under a trader's desk is 'Responsibility' - we have to take responsibility for ourselves and our trading activity. Accordingly, I don't manage funds for others.
  • Are you an authorised investment advisor?
    I am not authorized to provide financial or investment advice. Explicitly, the opinions and views expressed should not be understood as an encouragement to purchase or sell any particular security or financial instrument. Content is provided for information and education only and is not a recommendation to trade. Trading is not suitable for everyone and involves the risk of losing money. Please read the Trading Disclaimer.
  • What financial instruments do you trade?
    Liquidity and transparency are essential for traders, so I trade blue chip equities, liquid ETF's and futures. That's not to say other instruments can't be profitably traded, of course they can, but equities and futures suit my trading style and risk profile. As a rule, I avoid CFD's, binary options and crypto-currencies.
  • What markets do you trade?
    In recent years, I’ve mostly traded U.S. equities and futures due to the liquidity, regulation, transparency and free availability of information. The relative strength of the U.S. economy and dollar are other important factors.
  • How secure is this website?
    I implement a variety of security measures to maintain the safety of your personal information. For example, this site has a True BusinessID Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate issued by GeoTrust. Therefore, all data passed between your browser and my server remains private and integral. Click on the GeoTrust logo in the footer of any page to view the current certificate.

Client Subscription

  • How long does a subscription last and how much is it?
    A subscription allows access to locked down areas of this website and is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Please refer to the Store for pricing.
  • What's included in the subscription?
    3. Live Webinars
    3. Market View posts
    4. Education Program
    5. Historical HELP data
    6. Full TradeStation® Package
    7. Email communication (24hr response)
  • How do you process payments?
    All payments in the store are processed externally by Stripe, one of the largest on-line payment platforms in the world. As a result, I do not have access to client's debit or credit card details because their information never touches my servers.
  • How do you manage my personal information?
    Clients can view all their personal information on their Profile page. This includes last login time and date, unique user ID, name, verified email, subscription level, subscription status and email notification status. They can also change their name, email address, password and email notification status. Clients can request a copy of their Client Activity Log which contains the time, date, type of activity and IP address for every visit they made to this site. In addition, clients can request to delete all information associated with their account.

    I do not share client information with 3rd parties. This does not include trusted 3rd parties who assist in operating this site, conducting my business, or servicing clients, so long as those parties agree to keep this information confidential.

    For more information please see the Privacy Policy & Cookies page.
  • How safe is my password?
    Client's passwords are masked through a process called 'hashing' which uses a function in PHP 5.6 known as 'bcrypt'. Bcrypt is an adaptive hash function based on the Blowfish symmetric block cipher cryptographic algorithm. This replaces the actual password entered with a random set of numbers and letters that are stored on my server. This allows our systems to validate your account credentials when you login without revealing your password. This is a recognized industry security standard.
  • What if I forget my password?
    If a client forgets their password and clicks the 'Forgotten?' link on the login form, a new randomly generated password will be sent to their registered email address. They must click on the button in the email to activate the new password. This password can then be changed on their Profile page.
  • Why are your prices in US Dollars?
    Even though I am based in the eurozone, the majority of my clients are not and the US dollar is the most popular currency for international transactions. Non-US clients will be billed in their local currency and the corresponding dollar amount should also be listed on their debit or credit card statement.
  • What happens when I purchase a subscription?
    After purchase an email will be sent to the address provided, you must click on the link in the email to activate your account. Once activated, you will be directed to a Welcome page and from there you are free to access the Client Area of the site. You can view and edit your profile at any time by clicking on your name in the menu bar.

Education Program

  • What's included in the program?
    Please refer to the Education Program page for a preview of the program contents
  • If I am unhappy with the program or change my mind, can I get a refund?
    You should browse the education program preview before purchasing a client subscription as there are no refunds once the material has been accessed. I also strongly suggest you read Way of the Trader before purchasing a subscription, as this outlines my approach to trading and lays the foundation for the program. Psychology is the key to successful trading and my book goes into detail on this, whereas the Education Program focuses on the practical aspects of trading. In this regard, Way of the Trader acts as a supporting workbook for the program.
  • Do I need Level II market data to follow the program?
    No, real time Level I data will be sufficient.
  • Will I need specialist software or fast broadband?
    Any trading account with charting capabilities will be sufficient to follow the program. However, the ability to import and chart 3rd party data will be required to trade Help-Up Strategies.

    Videos can be viewed on any device and quality can be adjusted to suit your broadband speed. The videos are recorded in 1080HD and hosted on Vimeo, a site used by filmmakers. This ensures numerous clients can view the same video simultaneously without experiencing lag or other streaming issues.
  • Why can't I play the videos in the program preview?
    An introduction video in Module 1 and videos on the TradeStation platform in Module 18 will be free to view, all other videos require a client subscription. The previews will help you decide if a subscription suits your needs. Please visit the Store for details on pricing.
  • When can I start the program and when does it end?
    The program consists of a series of videos, downloadable documents and technical indicators. You can start when you want and view the videos at your own pace. New material is added regularly, so one could say the program never ends!
  • For how long can I access the program material?
    Access to the education program is based on a valid client subscription which lasts for one year and can be renewed annually at a discount rate.

Market View

  • Why can't I access the Market View posts?
    A paid client subscription is required for full access to these posts. The previews will help you decide if a client subscription suits your needs. Please visit the Store for details on pricing.

Trading Strategies

Propitiatory Indicator Package


Way of the Trader Book

  • Can I get a signed copy of your book?
    Yes of course. Signed copies will be available from April 2019 in the Store and will be shipped from my office in Limerick, Ireland. All reasonable efforts will be made to ensure orders placed before 15:00GMT are shipped the same day. If I am traveling, orders will be shipped on my return.
  • Is Way of the Trader available as an eBook?
    Every owner of a physical copy of Way of the Trader can download the eBook for free direct from Harriman House publishers, in a DRM-free format that can be read on any eReader, tablet or smartphone.
  • Where can I see the color charts from the book?
    Color versions of the charts, spreadsheets and backtested results in Way of the Trader are available as part of the Education Program. They are also included in the eBook version, which every purchaser of a physical copy of the book can download for free.
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Content is provided for information and education only and is not a recommendation to trade. Trading is not suitable for everyone and involves the risk of losing money. Past performance is not a reliable guide to future returns.

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