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Ian Murphy is a full-time trader on his own account, using Day Trading, Trend Following and Swing Trading strategies. He studied various facets of trading with a number of professional traders in the US. This included trading psychology and risk management with Dr. Alexander Elder. Ian's use of multiple time frames when trading and strategies based on false breakouts and divergences, were strongly influenced by Dr. Elder.

Ian has also worked on technical analysis and trading strategies with Kerry Lovvorn. Average True Range (ATR) channels, volatility based protective stops, trend structure and data analysis are some of the important trading insights gained from Kerry.

Throughout his trading career, Ian maintained a personal diary which documented the highs and lows of his journey. Over time, he identified how to extract profit from the market on a consistent basis and recorded the insights which led to success. When he connected with other traders, he realized they faced the same challenges.

In his upcoming book, the difficult lessons learned have been brought together in a pithy, yet accessible and light-hearted fashion. Ian hopes this will help others avoid the mistakes he made and offer a more direct path to profits.