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After college in Ireland, Ian Murphy trained in electronics and lived in mainland Europe and Central America. He worked in the insurance claims and metal recycling industries, eventually specializing in precious metals. This brought him to the financial markets, and he has been an active trader ever since.

Murphy studied various aspects of trading with industry professionals in the US, including psychology with Dr. Alexander Elder and technical analysis with Kerry Lovvorn. Ian is now a financial trading consultant who trades his own account using trend-following, swing-trading and day-trading strategies.

Murphy Financial Trading was established in April 2016 to offer education, analysis and tools to traders. Way of the Trader was published three years later and editions for the Indian Subcontinent and China were published in 2020. Also that year, an Online Trading Course, webinars and trading notes were offered to subscription clients. Personal consultations via one-to-one Zoom calls can also be arranged.

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