'How to Invest and Trade in Individual Stocks'

Commencing Wednesday, November 10, 2021 (18:30 - 20:00 GMT)

This comprehensive introduction to successful investing and trading in stocks will be delivered online for the Institute of Investing and Financial Trading (IIFT). Over four evenings commencing on Wednesday November 10, topics covered will include risk management, scanning stocks for tradable setups, and two simple but profitable trading strategies will be explained in detail.

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Risk Management
Scanning for Stocks
Technical Analysis
Trend Structure
Weekly Trend Following Strategy
Daily Swing Trading Strategy

Suitable for all levels or experience. Click on the IIFT logo above for more details and bookings.

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A Client Subscription Includes:
Video Based Online Trading Course
Profitable Trading Strategies
Morning Trading Notes
Market Analysis and Insights
Risk Management Formulas
Monthly Live Webinars
Pre-Trading Checklist
10% Discount on Store Products
Strategy Development and Backtesting
Unlimited Email Correspondence
Annual or Monthly Subscription Options
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