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Global Stock Markets

Our indicators can be used as a source of long and short trading signals on any large stock market. These proprietary tools are also some of the most reliable leading market indicators available to global equity traders.
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Trading & Investing Course

Having laid the foundation with Way of the Trader, the online trading course is where things get practical. This responsive video based program shares the best tools and procedures as used by professional traders.
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Actionable Trade Ideas

Trading notes are emailed to Clients at least three days a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. A weekly actionable trade idea is also included with entry criteria and suggested locations for protective stops and targets.
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Online Client Meetings

To progress as traders, we need exposure to serious professionals and webinars are the perfect solution. These monthly meetings allow for live Q&A and recordings of previous sessions are saved on the Webinars page.
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Profitable Strategies

The advantage of a strategy is improved profitability, but equally important is the fact that we always know what to do. My trading strategies are straightforward, have a proven track record and come with back tested results.
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Unlimited Email Support

Client queries are addressed with unlimited email support and images of my trading screens if required. This is also the place to ask difficult questions and get answers to challenges as they relate to you personally.

Invest in your trading today by taking out a Monthly Client Subscription - Just $99/month

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A Client Subscription Includes:
Video Based Investing & Trading Course
Profitable Investing & Trading Strategies
Morning Trading Notes (3 per week)
Trade Ideas (One per week)
Unlimited Email Correspondence
Independent Analysis and Insights
Risk Management Formulas
Monthly Live Webinar (meeting)
Pre-Trading Checklist
10% Discount on Store Products
Cancel Subscription At Any Time

Not sure? Let’s chat about it! Drop me an email to book a FREE 30min online consultation

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One-To-One 30min Online Discussion:
Do You Feel Outsmarted By The Markets?
Are You Struggling To Stay Profitable?
Do You Need Profitable Trading Strategies?
New and Experienced Traders & Investors Welcome
Let's Achieve Your Investing & Trading Goals
Let's Discuss Your Trading Journey
Share Your Screen If Required
Relaxed Chat - No Hard Sell
No Obligation To Buy Or Subscribe
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Content is provided for information and education only and is not a recommendation to trade. Trading is not suitable for everyone and involves the risk of losing money. Past performance is not a reliable guide to future returns.

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