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Some Themes to Occupy the Minds of Traders in 2018

At this time of year, I focus on key trading themes for the next twelve months. Oil and crypto-currencies stand out from the pack, but for different reasons. Brexit will dominate in Europe and the Yield Curve will give rise to much debate. Trump will face his first real test in the fall.
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Weekly Trend Following Strategy Update

The watchlist continues to perform strongly and many of the stocks have broken out to new highs. I will be placing the India ETF (INDA) on the back burner, as the price gaps on a daily chart are adding an extra level of risk we don't have to embrace in this strong bull market.
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Monthly Market Review - December 1, 2017

November was very positive, with the S&P500 closing up 2.49% for the month. Traditionally, December is the strongest month of the year, closing higher than it opens 78% of the time, but today's price action shows volatility is increasing as we head into the holiday season.
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